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freie Assoziation mit dem Thema „Comitted To Life“ und Google.

[…] a marital oneness that glorifies The Lord by reflecting the relationship between Jesus Christ and His bride, the church. We are a community of married couples who join together for the purpose of mutual edification through Biblical instruction, encouragement, and accountability. […]

Sellout! Sellout! Die Werbung :)

„A love story between a remarkably articulate, generous, fiercely loving, Jewishly engaged woman and her tradition, her family, her children, her people, and, perhaps most of all, her husband.“ — Jewish Voice

Mh… durchaus Gutes dabei

„In an age where most of us have forgotten what’s truly important,The Committed Life instills a renewed passion to reconnect to the values that really matter. This book affected me deeply andI highly recommend it to people of all faiths.“ — John Gray, Ph.D., author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Jammer, jammer, Hippiekacke

Das Produkt:
The Committed Life: Principles for Good Living from Our Timeless Past

Let us prey


Destroy 2000 years of culture

Alec Empire am 30.10 im Paradox IN
VVK: 17 € AK: 14€

und noch was zur Guten Nacht:

haut rein!

The future used to be better…

Endlich ma Death Proof gesehen. Mächtig. Gewalt, schnelle Autos und schöne Frauen die (voll unmainstream) dicke Eier haben. Aber zum Wesentlichen.
Am 8.12.2009 wird TV Smith in Neuburg spielen. Doppelmächtig. Established ’77.

Nazis euch gehört aufs Maul!

Endlich hab ich ihn gelegt. „Das Ubersoldat“. Return to Castle Wolfenstein rockt alles weg. Alle unter 18 ma Augen zu! Leider, leider hat die BpjM ihre Finger überall.

scheiß auf §86a :)